Forklift Scale & Pallet Truck Scale
Balance pour Chariot Élévateurs & Transpalette Peseur

High Precision Forklift Scale – FL100-Ind

Precision Forklift Scale

FL100-Ind on a Forklift

The FL100-Ind is a Forklift Scale easily installed on a Forklift, Stackers or Electric Pallet Trucks;

It is a 2nd generation mobile weighing system;

Robustness and ease of installation;

Simple operation & calibration

Precision of 1-5lb on a 5000lb capacity forklift;

Maximum capacity of your Forklift;

Replace your floor scale.

Price : $2095.00


Scale Pallet Truck – TP100-Ind

Scale Transpallet - TP100-Ind

Scale Pallet Truck – TP100-Ind

  • Mobile Scale Pallet Truck, robust & precise;

  • Weigh your pallets where & when you want;

  • Weight display in Pound or Kilogram;

  • Precision of 1lb or 0.5kg;

  • Capacity : 2000kg

Priced at $2395.00

Forklift Scale FL100-Ind

Clarck Forklift Scale

Clark Forklift Scale

Most popular applications for the FL100-Ind are:

Weigh your receiving and shipping pallets;

Weigh your large containers, drums, recycling bins and many more…

Remove your floor scale and recuperate the floor space.

Create a safer work environment:

Weigh your pallets before placing them on your racks;

Weigh your pallets where & when you need (less travelling = less accident).