Mobile Weighing System Forklift

FL100-Ind Forklift Scale Indicator

Scale Pallet Truck - TP100-Ind

Scale Pallet Truck – TP100-Ind

ARMQUIP offers two Mobile Weighing Systems:

These systems allow you to weigh your pallets and containers when and where you want. They are precise, reliable and rugged and backed by a one year warranty.


ARMQUIP’s Mobile Weighing Systems will save you time and money. Your shipping and receiving departments will become more efficient and safer.   The most popular applications for the FL100-Ind are:

  • Knowing the weight of your receiving or shipping pallets;
  • Knowing the weight of the pallets before placing them on your racks;
  • Recuperate the space taken by your floor scale in your crowded shipping department;
  • Weighing large containers;
  • And more…

ARMQUIP’s Scale Pallet truck will improve your QA by allowing you to weigh your pallets or containers when and where you wish and will increase your customer’s satisfaction.