Forklift Scales

The FL100-Ind is Forklift Scale developped by ARMQUIP Inc.  It is a robust 2nd generation mobile weighing system installed on a forklift that allows you to move and weigh in one step, your shipping & receiving pallets or recycling containers.  With the FL100-Ind there’s no need to travel with your pallets to the scale at the other end of the warehouse. You can weigh your merchandise and recycling containers where and when you want!

FL100-Ind Forklift Scale

FL100-Ind Forklift Scale


FL100-Ind :  $2095.00
Hydraulic Kit : $65.00 to $125.00
Installation & Calibration $250.00

 Fast and Accurate

The FL100-Ind is a Forklift Scale and provides fast and accurate results. It takes only a few seconds for the FL100-Ind to measure the load weight on a forklift, make the necessary calculations, and display the weight on it’s in-cab LCD indicator. The FL100-Ind will help you increase productivity and employee motivation, while simultaneously minimizing errors and creating a safer working environment.

Engineered to make shipping environments more efficient and cost effective.

With the FL100-Ind you’ll have the exact weight of your merchandise at your fingertips, eliminating the time-consuming and costly trips to the scale to weigh your pallets.  Furthermore, the FL100-Ind Forklift Scale weighs quickly and accurately each pallet before shipping.  It will help you eliminate shipping errors, saving you time and money and keeping your customers happy.

Helps you save on freight costs: Use the FL100-Ind forklift scale to quickly weigh each pallet that you ship or receive and you will pay only for the weight transported.

Helps you save on purchasing costs: The FL100-Ind will allow you to quickly verify the weight of received goods and immediately compare the results against a supplier’s packing slip. You’ll know as soon as the goods are unloaded if there are any errors with the weight or quantity information on your supplier’s packing slip.

In addition, the FL100-Ind includes an Accumulation function to calculate the total weight of a series of pallets as they are loaded onto a trailer, helping you avoid freight surcharges.

Designed to help improve work safety.

By eliminating the need to travel with your pallets to a floor scale, the FL100-Ind forklift scale will make your shipping, receiving and production departments safer. Less travelling with a loaded forklift across a busy warehouse floor translates into fewer accidents. In addition, by knowing the weight of your pallet, you know at what height you can safely store that pallet on the racks.  Effectively eliminate the hazards of falling racks.

Developed to help you manage your recycling business.

You can use the FL100-Ind forklift sacle to weigh your recycling bins or containers and get your money’s worth. By immediately providing you with the weight information of your recycled material, the FL100-Ind will help you quickly and accurately calculate how much money your buyer of recycled materials owes you.


Forklift Scale Indicator

FL100-Ind Forklift Scale Indicator

  • Using a high precision sensor connected to our manifold which is connected to your forklift’s hydraulic system, the FL100-Ind converts hydraulic pressure (up to 3500PSI) into pounds or kilograms.
  • The FL100-Ind uses the power from the forklift. A DC/DC converter is provided to support forklift batteries from 24Vdc to 72Vdc or 12Vdc to 36Vdc. There are no additional batteries to recharge.
  • The FL100-Ind displays weight information on a bright (6-digit) LCD indicator installed in a water resistant, robust enclosure designed for easy operation.


System accuracy The FL100-IND provides an accurate result that is within the 0.5% error threshold of the actual weight of the pallet or container being weighed (not Lift Capacity)-with an average variation of 2-3kg.
Sensor Repeatability 0.06% FS
Power Supply Powered by the forklift
Supported voltage 24Vdc to 72Vdc & 12Vdc to 36Vdc
Weighing capacity Determined by the forklift’s capacity (up to 100,000kg)Capacity in PSI:  Standard 3500PSI
Sample rate 10 times per second
Display Technology 6-digit bright LCD display 30mm (1.25″) high
Weighing options Zero, Tare & Accumulation & Total weight
Calibration The calibration system on the FL100-Ind is specifically engineered for easy operation, quick and accurate calibration.
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Weight Units kilograms (kg) and pounds (lbs.)
Other features Maintains weight readings & Automatic shut-off