Scale Pallet Truck

Our TP100-Ind is a versatile Scale Pallet Truck.  It is well known for its precision, reliability, and safety. It is used in a wide variety of shipping and receiving operations and applications. With superior load linearity, enhanced serviceability, accuracy, and rugged design, our TP100-Ind offers the best in durability and safety.




TP100-Ind : $2395.00

Improve your shipping/receiving department

Use our TP100-Ind to quickly weigh your shipping & receiving pallets while you move them. It takes only a few seconds for our Scale Pallet Truck to measure the weight on the forks and display it. There’s no need to move your shipping & receiving pallets to a floor scale.

You can have the exact weight of your merchandise at the tip of your fingertips for immediate verification with shipping documents. You’ll know as soon as the goods are unloaded if there are any errors in the weight or quantity information on your supplier’s invoice or packing slip, or on the bill of lading from your forwarder. You will save time and money.

Improve your Quality Assurance (QA)

With the TP100-Ind you will improve your QA and most importantly, improve your customer satisfaction.

  • Improve the QA of your receiving dept: Quickly compare the weight of a received pallet with the bill of lading to check for any errors.
  • Improve the QA in your shipping dept: Quickly verify the weight vs. the quantity on the packing list of an order prior to shipment. A shipment with errors always wastes valuable time.

Improve Work Safety

By eliminating the need to move your pallets to a floor scale for weighing, our Trans-100-Ind will make your shipping & receiving and production departments safer. Less travelling with a loaded forklift across a busy warehouse floor equates to less accidents and mishaps.

Improve Your Recycling Business Revenue.

Our TP100-Ind will weigh your recycling bins or containers and allow you to get your money’s worth. By immediately providing you with the exact weight information of your recycled material, our Scale Pallet Trucks will help you quickly and accurately calculate how much money your buyer of recycled materials owes you.

Improve your Floor Space

The floor space in a receiving or shipping department is always crucial, with the TP100-Ind you will recuperate the space occupied by a Floor Scale (50 to 100sf).


  • Mobile Pallet truck combined with scale function
  • Allows you to weigh your pallet where and when you want
  • Power supply with rechargeable battery (4 – 6weeks)
  • Auto-Shut Off programmable timer
  • LED display unit, including keypad with Count, Zero and Tare functions
  • Weight display in Pounds or Kilograms
  • Precision to 1lb
  • Robust and rugged design, engineered for performance and reliable